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Funny cat picture

No blog article today, but thought I would share a picture of one of my former cats with what I think the caption should have been!


You want to do what in here? Are you crazy, I was here first and you are not doing THAT in here!

Any other captions you can think of for this pic?

I am back and I have been interviewed!

This everyday fangirl is back and ready to blog!

I took a short break from my blog due to some family issues. However, those are now under control and I am ready to update my blog with interesting everyday fangirl adventures!

One of my recent fangirl adventures is an interview by author and fellow blogger, Liza O’Conner, as part of me as part of her blog interview series. The blog interview series is titled…


I had a great time working with Liza to come up with the responses to her interesting topics and questions for this very funny and humorous post. It is a bit long, but because of the concept she came up with is well worth the read! Therefore, please hop on over to Liza’s blog and enjoy the interview with this excited fangirl! If you like the post, please do not forget to leave Liza and/or myself a comment!


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