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Benefits of pets

Just read this blog article that gives the Top 7 benefits of pets in our life, especially for MS patients. Our cat, Baby (pictured below), gives both myself and my husband, who has MS, 4 out of the 7 benefits listed in the article.


1. Pets keep us company.
2. Pets can help us fight depression.
3. Pets give us a sense of support and pleasure.
4. Pets get us outside when we might not otherwise.
5. Pets calm us and relieve our anxiety.
6. Pets help minimize stress levels
7. Pets help us improve our physical fitness.

The only benefits Baby does not provide us are #4 and #7. Both for the same reason, she never motivates us to go outside or to exercise at all. In fact, it is just the opposite, she motivates both my husband and me to stay right where we are at let her lay on us instead!

Oh, well 5 out of 7 benefits are not bad for one rescue pet, huh?

Thanks Baby for all the benefits you do give us!


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