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#AtoZChallenge: The Ghost

The Ghost 


From Starwars.com databank

The Ghost, piloted by the gifted Hera Syndulla, was the starship and home base of a small band of Lothal rebels. Named for its ability to travel past Imperial sensors without detection, the craft included many hidden surprises that aided the crew in their fight against the Empire.

There are several aspects of The Ghost that make this ship just as important as the Millenium Falcon in Star Wars canon.

First, this ship has a Ralph McQuarrie look, which gives it a classic trilogy feel.  Especially, when it was first introduced with the concept art presented at Star Wars Celebration Europe II.


Secondly, this ship is captained by an awesome female character, Hera Syndulla, who is not only captain, but the leader of this Rebel ‘cell’, which lives on The Ghost.


Finally, this ship includes a secondary shuttle that acts as a fully-armed starfighter, called  The Phantom, which the Millenium Falcon did not have and proved useful when out maneuvering The Empire.


So have you watched Star Wars Rebels? if so, then what do you think of The Ghost?


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