Star Wars Limited Edition Makeup

Star Wars Limited Edition Makeup

Like many Fangirls, I was excited when I started seeing advertisements and commercials for the limited edition Cover Girl© Star Wars The Force Awakens makeup line.

I have been seeing advertising signs around while I am shopping, like this one. However, I would not have much luck finding any displays with these product for immeditate purchase.


Fortunately, I finally found a display of the Star Wars The Force Awakens Cover Girl© Makeup Collection at my local grocery store today with actual limited edition products to purchase. 

I was excited and did a little Fangirl flail when I saw special two pack with pink lipgloss, black Mascara and even a $5 voucher for concessions when I go see The Force Awakens, for only $10 plus tax.


I choose to buy the package with the ‘Jedi Look’.


The good thing this everyday Fangirl can say about this limited two pack is the low cost and it contains a $5 voucher for movie concessions.


However, I was a little disappointed with what I found after opening the package.


Disappointment 1: The lipgloss was not Star Wars branded at all, not even a sticker.


Disappointment 2: Even though the two pack packaging said the light side, the mascara was actually branded for the Dark Side.

Overall, this everyday fangirl may not be 100% satisified with this purchase, but for the price it was not a bad item to add to my Star Wars fashion accessories.

©Proctor & Gamble


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