AtoZChallenge: Ultimate Star Wars

One of the most popular books at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim was the newly released Star Wars reference book, Ultimate Star Wars®.  


description from the DK Books product page

Ultimate Star Wars® is an in-depth visual feast exploring the characters and storylines from the Star Wars galaxy. This is a beautifully illustrated guide that is structured chronologically and packed full of information about key characters and storylines from the Star Wars movie saga, The Clone Wars, and Rebels™Ultimate Star Wars will get new and old fans caught up and knowledgeable on all things Star Wars.

Among the authors of this new reference book is fellow Fangirl and online friend, Tricia Barr.  


Photo courtesy of Tricia Barr’s Facebook page

She, along with fellow authors, Adam Bray, David Wallace and Ryder Windham celebrated the release of this book with a series of signings during Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.   


Photo courtesy of Tricia Barr’s Facebook page

Also, during the month of May, Tricia and her fellow authors will participate in the Ultimate Star Wars Book Tour.

Each tour stop will include a game of trivia, a Q&A with the author(s), a book signing and in-store raffles and giveaways. 


If you would like to meet Tricia or any of her fellow authors, this is a great opportunity! 

The official release date for Ultimate Star Wars® is April 28 and you can still preorder this book, like I did, from Barnes & NobelAmazon or other retailers.

So are you planning on checking out this book?

Will you be attending one of the Ultimate Star Wars book tour stops?


#AtoZChallenge: TIE Fighters


TIE Fighters

From the Databank


The TIE fighter was the unforgettable symbol of the Imperial fleet. Carried aboard Star Destroyers and battle stations, TIE fighters were single-pilot vehicles designed for fast-paced dogfights with Rebel X-wings and other starfighters. The iconic TIE fighter led to other models in the TIE family including the dagger-shaped TIE Interceptor and the explosive-laden TIE bomber. The terrifying roar of a TIE’s engines would strike fear into the hearts of all enemies of the Empire.

My husband, Michael, has always liked TIE Fighters ever since he was a kid. The reason is that these vehicles have a futuristic and sci-fi look to them that appealed to him.

My husband really loved this vintage Star Wars toy, which held one figure. Of course, the figure he placed inside was Darth Vader.


Even as an adult, one of my husband’s favorite PC games is Star Wars TIE Fighter.


My husband likes that Star Wars Rebels features several different TIE Fighters including:



The Inquisitor’s TIE Advanced prototype was superior to typical TIE fighters, featuring faster engines, S-foils with more efficient solar gather panels, upgraded laser cannons, and a projectile launcher that fired Imperial XX-23 S-Thread Tracers.

Sabines’s masterpiece“, which is a repainted TIE fighter stolen by Zeb and Ezra early in season one.


Darth Vader’s TIE fighter as seen in the Season 2 Trailer

My husband is also excited to see that TIE Fighters are one of the vehicles returning in Star Wars The Force Awakens based on the two trailers released for this film.


So what do you think of TIE Fighters?  Are you, like my husband, excited to see them in Star Wars Rebels and in Star Wars The Force Awakens?


#AtoZChallenge: Smuggler’s Bounty



Smuggler’s Bounty is an original Star Wars Radio Drama by Kyle Newman and FJ DeSanto.  This drama was performed in front of a live audience at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.  I was not able to attend this performance due to the Star Wars Rebels related events.  However, my husband, Michael, was fortunate to attend this live performance.  Below are some of his impressions of the performance and some great pictures as well: 

Overall my husband indicated that “the performance was very good and done in the spirit of the Old Time Radio shows”.  He was also impressed that length of the story was longer than Smuggler’s Gambit. My husband also indicated that effects were also improved. Especially, the increased variety of effects including the “fancy lighting effects used to simulate battle effects” and that the opening crawl was shown on the screen as well. 

All of the voice cast did a great job, “..especially for since they were working in front of a live audience instead of in a booth with only the actor, engineer and director present.”  This performance gave him a greater respect for all voice actors in general.  It also gave a “new appreciation for live voice performance, especially those that did the original old time radio shows.” 









However, it was David W Collins performance as Han Solo that impressed my husband the most. He spent most of Saturday evening telling me how awesome a job David did in giving a “clean and consise” Han Solo performance.


Overall, my husband indicated that this live performance was among one of his best memories from Star Wars Celebrstion Anaheim! He was happy to be able to experience this live and cannot wait to experienced this again, when it is released on audio, like Smuggler’s Gambit.

Note: Smuggler’s Bounty logo and art by Paul Bateman


#AtoZChallenge: Rest



Rest was something that I did not do very much of during the past week due to all the goings on at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.  It was very hard for me to just rest.  Therefore, now that the event is over, I believe it is time to for me to take a brief rest, right? This will give me the time I need in order to gather all my thoughts on my recent adventure.  In the meantime, I wish you well and May The Force Be With You! 


#AtoZChallenge: Queues 


When attending any big convention or event, the one thing they have in common is queues.  Queues are used to help control lines during these kinds of events. 


At Star Wars Celebration Anaheim there were tons of queues.  Some of them were set up for major events like Opening and Closing Ceremonies, others were set up for special rooms like The Force Awakens Exhibit or the R2 Builders room.


When we ordered the tickets for the next Star Wars Celebration in London, we even received a virtual queue message.


So what do you think of queues?  




#AtoZChallenge: Podcast Stage


The Podcast Stage is a new addition to Star Wars Celebration.

I love listening to podcasts and I thought it is really cool that they included this stage in the program schedule.

My husband and I attended the Skywalking Through Neverland An Interactive Fandom Adventure hosted by Sarah (JediTink) and Richard.


They provided attendees a great show with their special guests, Star Wars Artists Randy Martinez and Denise Vasquez! 


They gave a way prizes through games, trivia and raffle tickets and not only for those in attendence, but to those on Twitter or watching the live stream as well.  

To help give away the prizes, they were helped by none other than R2-D2!

I won this Wicket Bobble Head answering one of the trivia questions and they asked me to draw one of the raffle tickets.  

Of course this is one of my #FangirlFlail moments of Star Wars Celebration!   

You can listen to this podcast episode right now and you can experience this adventure yourself!

#AtoZChallenge: Opening Day


  Opening Day of…

At first, Opening Day of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim was both awesome and frustrating at the same time. 

When we arrived around 9:30AM at the Anaheim Convention Center, we could not even find which line to get into because there seemed to be more than one.  One of these lines formed around the Convention Center and the Hilton Hotel, which sits next it.  While another line formed towards the Disneyland Parking area because the Convention Center parking filled to capacity.  We also noticed that there was little signage on the outside of the Convention Center and there was no one directing traffic outside the Convention doors.  I observed that even workers and volunteers had no idea on where to go either.  I am sure that was frustrating for them and others as well.


However, the awesome part of being outside the Convention Center waiting in these lines were the opportunities for impromptu scenes, like this one, to happen on the spur of the moment. 

Once, my husband and I were inside the convention doors, we had to wait in a more organized line for the Exhibit Hall to open. The frustrating part of this is that many of these Star Wars fans missed the JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy panel and of course the new Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer, unless they were using their phones to stream it, like I was. One comment I heard is that it would have been nice if the organizers put up screens and at least played this trailer or anything else while they were waiting.

It was about 10 minutes after 11AM when the Exhibit Hall opened and Star Wars Celebration 2015 officially begun for the rest of us that were not able to attend Opening Ceremonies.


Rebel Force Radio Kickoff Bash


The first big event that my husband and I attended at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim is the Rebel Force Radio Kickoff Bash.  We had an awesome time hanging out with all our Star Wars online friends, like fellow Fangirl JediTink, for the first time. Yes, we did the Fangirl flail! 


We also met a few Star Wars Celebrities, like Stephen Stanton!  


We received some swag during this event including badges, pins and art cards!


There was also a raffle and we won this fantastic Rebel insignia ring!


This was also a family event! There was some swag for the younglings in attendence!


Del Rey Publishing also had some books to give the attendees of this event including this one that we snagged for our collection! 


We cannot wait to find out what adventures are in store for us today on the first official day of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim! 

Also, thanks to our friend, Matthew Clifton, for sharing with us some of the pics from the event! 

#AtoZChallenge: No Fan Left Behind


‘No Fan Left Behind’ 

My husband, Michael, and I know what it feels like to not attend a Star Wars Celebration and depend on outlets, like Rebel Force Radioto provide comprehensive coverage during the event. Now with Media Pass in hand, we are in a position to help pass this tradition on and make sure that we do not leave any fans behind. 

Stay tuned for The Adventures of The Everyday Fangirl from Star Wars Celebration Anaheim! 


#AtoZChallenge:  Media Pass



Today is the day that I make my way to Anaheim, CA.  As many of you are aware, I am heading to Anaheim for Star Wars Celebration.  Thanks to Lucasfilm, ReedPop and Disney, I will be attending this event with a Media Pass on behalf of this blog!  Therefore, this Everyday Fangirl will have to opportunity to bring you coverage from various panels throughout the convention. 

Not only do I have a Media Pass, but Disney PR also gave me a special pass that lets me cover the following Star Wars Rebels Season 2 related events this coming Saturday:

Star Wars Rebels Heroes and Villians panel at 11AM
Season 2 press conference with the cast and crew
Season 2 Red Carpet Event and Premiere

Therefore, this will give me the opportunity to meet the cast and crew of Star Wars Rebels, especially fellow Fangirl and voice of Hera Syndulla, Vanessa Marshall. #Fangirlflail




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