Rebels Remembered: My Articles

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#RebelsRemembered is a day to remember one of my favorite animated series Star Wars Rebels. In celebration, I am collecting all of the posts that I created for multiple sites about this awesome series. Sit back, relax and take a trip back in time to read these articles about the series, characters, music and connections I made throughout the series run and beyond.

The crew of The Ghost

List of articles on Star Wars Rebels by Patty Hammond

The Bendu: The One In the Middle

Imperial Super Commandos Review

Hope in the Star Wars Saga

Almost There: Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Begins

The Last Jedi and Star Wars Rebels Connections

The Ghost Crew Returns to Lothal

Why are we inspired by Sabine

Why Ahsoka Tano Inspires Me

Ahsoka’s Design Changes Through The Years

Star Wars Celebration Cosplay Roundup

Star Wars Rebels: The Odd Couple

The Character Development of Ahsoka Tano

Favorite Hondo Ohnaka moments

Kevin Kiner’s Soundtrack To Star Wars Rebels Is The Oxygen To The Show

Thoughts on Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Poster

Foods in Star Wars with significance

Star Wars Rebels Returns

Siege of Lothal Recap

Star Wars Rebels at SWCA


Tie Fighters


The Inquistor

The Ghost

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 World Premiere

Star Wars Rebels: Wookiee’s

Star Wars Rebels: Fangirl POV

Star Wars Rebels Screening in Metro Detroit

Star Wars Rebels Season 1 Poster

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